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UMG’s Publicity Services

1. Media Relations: Build and maintain a relationship for you with journalists, editors, and media

    outlets to secure positive coverage.

2. Press Release Creation: Draft compelling press releases to announce news, events, or


3. Strategic Communication: Develop and implement communication strategies to achieve

    specific goals or enhance the client's image.

4. Event Promotion: Publicize and promote events to attract media attention and increase public


5. Crisis Management: Handle and mitigate communication challenges during crises or

    negative situations.

6. Brand Management: Work to establish and maintain a positive public perception of your


7. Social Media Strategy: Develop strategies for effective use of your social media platforms to

    enhance visibility.

8. Public Appearance Coordination: Manage your public appearances and interviews to

    maximize positive exposure.

9. Public Service Announcement: Produce content that your brand endorses and supports that

    raises awareness, educates the public, and promotes positive behavioral changes for the

    betterment of society. 

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